Aqua Soil – Amazonia (9L)


The Amazonia Soils are the darkest,
they are recalling the dynamic changes of rainy and dry seasons,
the lush world of South-American rainforests.

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The ideal substrate for advanced Nature Aquarium owners is the Aqua Soil Amazonia. It will provide nutrients for our plants for the longest time. Being a nutrient-rich substrate also has a drawback, it increases algae bloom chance at the beginning of its use. Regular water changes are needed for the first couple of weeks to avoid problems.

Aqua Soil – new and advanced features

ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia substrates will lower the pH and KH, thus creating an ideal environment for tropical fish, shrimp and aquatic plants.
The soil contains organic materials that are much needed to keep healthy shrimp.
Humic Acids found in the substrate will promote plant growth.
The grains of the Aqua Soils will not crumble. They will not turn into mud in your aquarium and will not cause cloudy water or water coloring.



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