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Aquatic Specialist Plant (ASP)

Aquatic Specialist Plant (ASP) has been established since June, 2013 and we have known as Aquascape Paradise. ASP is a company fully owned by Bumiputera and our location is at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam Selangor. We are aquarium plant specialist offering high quality of aquatic plants and the landscape with various concept. Moreover, we are the main supplier for Aqua Design Amano (ADA)'s products where all of ADA's items are researched, developed and tested, in their experience, to the very highest standards.
Aquarium Accessories


An aquarium tank is not just a rearing box. It can raise fish with lots of aquatic plants by recreating an environment – just like nature. That is Nature Aquarium and the idealized concept of tanks. A school of fish hide behind thick aquatic plants and swim free in the space surrounded by plants… A beautiful tank recreated natural environment is not a distance between fish and human being but it is a connection..
Aquarium Accessories


Stainless steel hooks for placing the glass cover on Cube Garden. Select the right size according to the thickness of the aquarium glass.

Article Code


102-8882 5mm
102-8883 6mm
102-8884 8mm
102-8885 10mm
102-8886 12mm

Aquarium Accessories


Garden Mat is designed to absorb impacts of distortion and quake. We strongly recommend to use Garden Mat with Cube Garden.
The mat is slightly bigger than aquarium. Please cut to a proper size before installing.

Article Code

Aquarium Size (cm)

Thickness (mm)

108-408 30×18 5
108-409 36×22 5
108-410 30×30 5
108-401 45×30 5
108-402 60×30 5
108-403 60×45 5
108-405 90×45 8
108-406 120×45 8
108-407 180×60 8

Aquarium Accessories


Aqua Screen is a colored vinyl screen sheet to decorate the back side of aquarium tank. Please select your preferred color according to your aquarium layout image or interior design. Non-translucent Normal type and translucent Clear type are available in Blue color. Black color is available for Normal type only.

Aqua Screen・Normal Type

Size (cm)



W60×H36 61×37 102-811 102-813
W90×H45 91×46 102-821 102-823
W120×H45 121×46 102-831 102-833
W90×H60 91×61 102-8231
W120×H60 121×61 102-8331
W180×H60 181×61 60×45 102-8431

Aqua Screen・Clear Type

Size (cm)


W60×H36 61×37 102-814
W90×H45 91×46 102-824
W120×H45 121×46 102-834

Aquarium Accessories


NA THERMOMETER J NA Thermometer J is a thermometer designed for the Nature Aquarium. White type is easy to read the scale, and sleek design matches with various types of frame-less tanks like Cube Garden. It can be easily installed on the edge of aquarium without using suction cup. Please select the size in accordance with the thickness of your aquarium.
* Temperature Measuring Range: 0-40 ℃ (measurement deviation: within ±1℃)
* Registered Design


Article Code



1 102-001 J-05WH 5
2 102-002 J-06WH 6
3 102-003 J-08WH 8
4 102-004 J-10WH 10
102-005 J-12WH 12
5 102-006 J-15WH 15



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