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Aquatic Specialist Plant (ASP) has been established since June, 2013 and we have known as Aquascape Paradise. ASP is a company fully owned by Bumiputera and our location is at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam Selangor. We are aquarium plant specialist offering high quality of aquatic plants and the landscape with various concept. Moreover, we are the main supplier for Aqua Design Amano (ADA)'s products where all of ADA's items are researched, developed and tested, in their experience, to the very highest standards.


Wood Cabinet is specially designed wooden cabinet for safely placing the Cube Garden. Its robust construction is durable against warp and quake. Simple design matches well with Cube Garden.
* Please make a contact us for special processing for setting Cube Garden Overflow and Filter Sump.
* Made-to-order
* All Wood Cabinets are delivered in pre-assembled form.

Wood Cabinet

Gun Metallic Silver


Off White

Light Wood

Dark Wood

No Aquarium size (cm) Cabinet Size (cm) Article Code Article Code Article Code Article Code Article Code
1 W30×D18 W45×D25×H70 108-5391 108-5413
W36×D22 W45×D25×H70 108-5392 108-5414
2 W45×D45 W45×D45×H70 108-5365 108-5362 108-5361 108-5363 108-5364
W60×D30 W60×D30×H70 108-5315 108-5312 108-5311 108-5313 108-5314
W60×D45 W60×D45×H70 108-5345 108-5342 108-5341 108-5343 108-5344
W75×D45 W75×D45×H70 108-5355 108-5352 108-5351 108-5353 108-5354
3 W90×D45 W90×D45×H70 108-5325 108-5322 108-5321 108-5323 108-5324
W120×D45 W120×D45×H70 108-5335 108-5332 108-5331 108-5333 108-5334
W180×D60 W180×D60×H70 108-5385 108-5382 108-5381 108-5383 108-5384



This is a Wood Cabinet that matches Solar Ⅰ White. It becomes interior accessory and express freshness in a room. There are High and Low type. Low type is good for enjoying aquarium as sitting on the floor. It corresponds to W60×D30×H36cm aquarium tank and enables to arrange hose and tube neatly.
* This is for W60×D30×H36cm tank.
* The above pictures are setting image.
* The product does not include aquarium tank, glass pipes or lighting.
* This product is pre-assembled, and its exclusive stand will be installed in the fixed place.


Article Code


Cabinet Size(cm)

1 108-5411 Wood Cabinet White Low type W90×D40×H55
2 108-5412 Wood Cabinet White High type W90×D40×H70



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