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Aquatic Specialist Plant (ASP)

Aquatic Specialist Plant (ASP) has been established since June, 2013 and we have known as Aquascape Paradise. ASP is a company fully owned by Bumiputera and our location is at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam Selangor. We are aquarium plant specialist offering high quality of aquatic plants and the landscape with various concept. Moreover, we are the main supplier for Aqua Design Amano (ADA)'s products where all of ADA's items are researched, developed and tested, in their experience, to the very highest standards.


Woodbase Board is specifically designed for Cube Cabinet to provide enhanced stability. It allows the safe use of Cube Cabinet. For 60cm tanks, ADA offers a single bottom Woodbase Board and a set of top and bottom Woodbase Board. The set is for the installation of Solar Ⅰ or Solar Ⅱ, whereas the single board is suitable when using AQUASKY.

Article Code


108-626 Woodbase Board W30×D30
108-627 Woodbase Board W30×D18
108-628 Woodbase Board W36×D22
108-629 Woodbase Board W45×D27
108-630 Woodbase Board W60×D30 (1unit)
108-631 Woodbase Board W60×D30 for Solar series(Small and Large)



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